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Geox outsole challenged the historical conception of holes in shoes - the first step of the Geox revolution.
A series of micro-holes were made in the rubber outsole, positioned in correspondence of the highest concentration of sweat glands under the foot soles. The Geox revolution has been made possible after extensive research and development of the membrane, made of a special micro-porous material which absorbs sweat through the insole and lets it out in the form of water vapour. This process is made possible as the membrane`s micro-pores are larger than water vapour molecules, but smaller than water droplets - hence keeping water out and the feet dry. It is natural to sweat through the feet - it is unhealthy to keep the sweat inside of the shoes. Thermographic tests shows that by eliminating humidity from the inside of the shoe, the Geox system allows balancing the ideal microclimate inside of the footwear, with the result of dry feet, much less overheated than feet wearing shoes with conventional rubber sole.

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